Asean Agreement On Disaster Management And Emergency Response

In September 2016, ASEAN Heads of State and Government adopted and signed the ASEAN Declaration on a Single ASEAN Response, which reaffirmed the AHA Centre as the main ASEAN regional coordination point for disaster management and emergency preparedness. The statement urged ASEAN to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of the AHA Center. 40. ASEAN Declaration on Enhancing Cooperation in Disaster Management, 9 October 2013, online: ASEAN , para. 7. The Agreement should provide a framework for the development of operational procedures in order to be able to react together and quickly to disasters. The agreement will contain provisions on the movement of aid operations, the acceleration of customs and immigration operations, etc. The intervention of military and civilian personnel in disaster relief and the establishment of a regional disaster relief coordination centre have been proposed under the agreement. The agreement will also include provisions for the establishment of an ASEAN Disaster Relief Fund. The agreement also provides for simulation exercises to regularly test emergency measures. 50.

ASEAN Secretariat, “ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Management (AMMDM)”, online: ASEAN . 24. ASEAN Secretariat, “ASEAN Vision 2025 on Disaster Management”, online: ASEAN in paragraph 6 [ASEAN Vision 2025]. In order to reduce disaster damage and improve ASEAN`s collective response to disasters, ASEAN Member States have developed the ASEAN Agreement on Disaster Management and Emergency Measures (AADMER). Within the framework of AADMER, the ASEAN Humanitarian Aid Coordination Centre for Disaster Management (AHA) was established to facilitate cooperation and coordination among ASEAN Member States as well as with the United Nations and relevant international organisations to promote regional cooperation. 9. Preliminary report on the protection of persons in the event of disasters, report of special rapporteur Eduardo Valencia-Ospina, UN Doc. A/CN.4/598 (2008), para.

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